2019-08-11: Social Media Postees

Chernobyl: A 'Debt to the Truth'
Susie Greaves | globalresearch.ca | 2019-08-11
The HBO miniseries " Chernobyl" is a timely reminder of the horrors of nuclear technology gone wrong. | In the early hours of 26 April 1986, an accident occurred in northern Ukraine that revealed once again that all the genius …

Talks ahead? Trump says Kim Jong-un 'apologized' for missile tests in 'beautiful' 3-page letter
rt.com | 2019-08-10
President Donald Trump has said that North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un wants to meet again for negotiations, after Kim reportedly apologized for missile tests and complained about US military exercises. | …

On anniversary of Hiroshima, demands for end to nuclear weapons
Marilyn Bechtel | peoplesworld.org | 2019-08-09
LIVERMORE, Calif. — Determined to oppose the Trump administration's drive to develop new nuclear weapons and to strengthen the fight to eliminate nuclear weapons worldwide, some 200 demonstrators gathered here on Aug. 6 to rally against what they term "Designing Armageddon" at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Over three dozen peace, justice and faith-based organizations …

Conversations with Fidel Castro: The Dangers of a Nuclear War
Fidel Castro Ruz | globalresearch.ca | 2019-08-09
"In a nuclear war the collateral damage would be the life of humankind. Let us have the courage to proclaim that all nuclear or conventional weapons, everything that is used to make war, must disappear!" "It is about demanding that the world is not led into a nuclear catastrophe, it is to preserve life." (Fidel Castro, 15 October 2010)…

Nagasaki mayor hits out at nuclear powers on 74th anniversary of bombing
The Canary | thecanary.co | 2019-08-09
The mayor of Nagasaki has criticised nuclear states including the US and Russia as the city marked the 74th anniversary of the atomic bombing which ended the Second World War.Tomihisa Taue said nuclear powers are undermining the survivors' efforts towards building a nuclear-free world.The mayor lamented that the idea of "useful" nuclear weapons appears to be gaining traction.People attend a mass at the Urakami Cathedral in Nagasaki to mark the 74th anniversary of the world's second atomic bomb attack (Kyodo/AP)He said both the US and Russia are returning to the development and deployment of nuclear weapons, as th…

How Israel's Erasure of Palestinian History Perpetuates Occupation
Staff | therealnews.com | 2019-08-09
Prof. Ilan Pappe discusses why Israel's agency in charge of nuclear security hid documents about the Nakba, the catastrophe in which Palestinians were driven from their land in 1948, explaining that it was an effort to eliminate the Palestinian narrative…

How We Learned to Hate the Bomb
Norman Stockwell | progressive.org | 2019-08-09
For nearly three-quarters of a century, "The Progressive" has been a consistent voice against nuclear madness.

A 'gaffe' nuclear da NATO
Manlio Dinucci | globalresearch.ca | 2019-08-09
Que os EUA mantém bombas nucleares em cinco países da NATO — Itália, Alemanha, Bélgica, Holanda e Turquia — está há muito comprovado (em especial pela Federaàßà£o dos Cientistas Americanos). No entanto, a NATO nunca o admitiu oficialmente. No entanto, …

Gaffe nucleare della Nato
Manlio Dinucci | globalresearch.ca | 2019-08-09
Che gli Stati uniti mantengano bombe nucleari in cinque paesi della Nato — Italia, Germania, Belgio, Olanda e Turchia — è provato da tempo (in particolare dalla Federazione degli scienziati americani). La Nato perà≤ non l'ha mai ammesso ufficialmente. Qualcosa …

Kashmir Under Siege: India Moves to Annex Territory, Heightening Tensions with Nuclear Rival Pakistan
Staff | democracynow.org | 2019-08-08
Tensions are escalating over the disputed region of Kashmir following India's revocation earlier this week of its special status, which granted the area some autonomy. Kashmir remains on lockdown, with internet and other communications blocked and leaders placed under house arrest. The Modi government has also deployed tens of thousands of additional troops in Kashmir. Pakistan announced Wednesday it would expel India's ambassador and stop its newly appointed envoy from assuming his position in New Delhi. It also announced it was cutting off all bilateral trade with India. We speak with three guests: Sanjay Kak,…

Trump's 'diplomacy' in Iran is a cynical farce
Vijay Prashad | mronline.org | 2019-08-07
The problem for any negotiations is that the U.S. position is untenable. The U.S. wants to prevent Iran from exercising its right under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (1968) to enrich uranium even to low levels. It is this impossible position by Washington that will prevent diplomacy. | Source…

'Cataclysmic events' in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, began 'global push' against nuclear weapons says Guterres, honouring victims
United Nations | un.org | 2019-08-06
Paying homage to those who perished as the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, as well as the many others whose lives were devastated in the years that followed, UN chief António Guterres on Tuesday underscored their "courage and moral leadership" in reminding the world of "the human cost of nuclear war".