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2021-01-01: News Headlines

John Laforge (2021-01-01). Court Orders Veterans Affairs Department to Replace Flawed Science in Plutonium Disaster Case. counterpunch.org In a major class action ruling issued December 17, the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims in Washington, DC has ordered the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to re-examine how it evaluates disability claims from veterans exposed to deadly alpha radiation during cleanup operations following a disastrous nuclear weapons accident at Palomares, Spain. The

Online News Editor (2021-01-01). Kim sends 'heartfelt' New Year's letter to North Korean people. laprensalatina.com Seoul, Jan 1 (efe-epa).- North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sent a letter to the citizens of the hermetic Asian country, wishing them happiness and good health in the New Year, state media reported on Friday. The letters replaced his traditional New Year's speech and come on the eve of an important party congress. "I extend …

WSWS (2020-12-31). South Korean Kia workers approve new contract after union isolates auto struggles. wsws.org The auto companies have exploited the COVID-19 pandemic as a pretext to deepen their attacks on the working class.

Karl Grossman (2020-12-31). NRC considers extending nuclear power plant operating licenses to 100 years. nationofchange.org The nuclear industry and nuclear power advocates in government are "desperately trying to hold on."

Online News Editor (2020-12-30). North Korea's ruling party to hold 8th congress in early January. laprensalatina.com Seoul, Dec 30 (efe-epa).- The eighth congress of North Korea's ruling Workers' Party, which is expected to decide the regime's economic and foreign policy goals, will be held in early January, state media KCNA reported Wednesday. The agency did not specify an exact date for the event. The decision to hold the party congress early …

Online News Editor (2020-12-30). Proud and patriotic, Wuhan boasts of virus defeat. laprensalatina.com By Jesús Centeno Wuhan, China, Dec 30 (efe-epa).- At 85-years-old, Korean war veteran Chen Jixian cannot hold back his emotions when he recalls the calamities that struck Wuhan when the new coronavirus first emerged a year ago and led to the deaths of 3,869 people, according to official figures. Chen was visiting People First, Lives …

Ralph Nader (2020-12-29). Recidivist Criminal and Constitutional Outlaw Trump Rushes to Pardon Criminal Lawbreakers. counterpunch.org Serial lawbreaker Donald J. Trump is embarking on the most sordid presidential pardon spree in American history. He has already pardoned convicted crooks, thieves, and violent outlaws. Trump's pardon lawyers are frantically assembling more MAGA besotted individuals and groups to be pardoned wholesale. The number may climb into the hundreds. The queue is long. Trump

WSWS (2020-12-29). COVID-19 cases skyrocket in South Korea and Japan. wsws.org As in countries around the world, the inadequate responses of Tokyo and Seoul to the pandemic have been driven by concerns for big business.