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2021-05-05: News Headlines

Vincent Lofaso (2021-05-05). US Confusion On Iran Jeopardizes JCPOA Talks — OpEd. eurasiareview.com Over the past few weeks, the United States has participated in intense discussions with the Iranians brokered by the Europeans in Vienna, about a way forward for the United States back into the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). This nuclear agreement was brokered in

Rick Rozoff (2021-05-05). Video: NATO always has been, remains and will continue to be a nuclear alliance. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com NATO video on nuclear weapons NATO has been a nuclear alliance since the U.S. first provided nuclear weapons to the bloc in 1953. It is the only nuclear alliance in history with the U.S., Britain and France as nuclear powers. One billion people are under NATO's nuclear umbrella. "Competitors and potential adversaries" NATO maintains nuclear …

Dave DeCamp (2021-05-05). US Visits to Middle East Fuel Speculation Over Iran Deal. news.antiwar.com Although Biden officials are downplaying the progress made by indirect negotiations with Iran aimed at reviving the nuclear deal, a wave of diplomatic activity and US visits to the Middle East is Several US officials

Medea Benjamin, Marcy Winograd (2021-05-04). Squad & Co: Unite as a Block to Downsize Biden's Military Budget. dissidentvoice.org Photo credit: ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) Imagine this scenario: A month before the vote on the federal budget, progressives in Congress declared, "We've studied President Biden's proposed $753 billion military budget, an increase of $13 billion from Trump's already inflated budget, and we can't, in good conscience, support this." Now that would …

Medea Benjamin (2021-05-04). Squad & Co: Unite as a Block to Downsize Biden's Military Budget. zcomm.org This is the moment to demand a substantial cut in military spending that defunds new nuclear weapons…

Medea Benjamin, Marcy Winograd (2021-05-04). Squad & Co: Unite as a block to downsize Biden's military budget. nationofchange.org This is the moment to demand a substantial cut in military spending that defunds new nuclear weapons.

Stephen Lendman (2021-05-04). JCPOA Nuclear Talks: An Exercise in Futility? globalresearch.ca Reported JCPOA nuclear talks progress in Vienna — between Iran, E3 …

Richard Falk, David Krieger (2021-05-04). Biden's Foreign Policy and Nuclear Weapons: a Dialogue. counterpunch.org Ricard Falk: The humane and competently handled responses that the Biden presidency has pursued with respect to the COVID challenge, mitigating economic burdens on the poor, empathy for abuses of persons of color, and moves toward proposing a massive infrastructure program are uplifting changes in policy and leadership of the country, especially welcomed after enduring

Lawrence Wittner (2021-05-04). The Fateful Choice. zcomm.org Nuclear Arms Race or Nuclear Weapons-Free World…

_____ (2021-05-04). Protests Grow In South Korea Over Japan's Fukushima Water Plan. popularresistance.org Seoul, South Korea – Lee Dong-ho, 73, has been fishing waters off South Korea's southern coast near Japan for 40 years and his eldest son is now taking over the family business, their lifeblood. | Lee farms snapper and yellowtail, mackerel and anchovy, and runs a drying and processing plant. | "We are surrounded on three sides by the sea," Lee, who lives in Dadae village on Geoje Island, told Al Jazeera. | South Korea has transformed its fishing industry over the past 30 years amid criticism of overfishing. Lee represents positive change as most of his business involves marine-fish farming — as opposed to o…

WSWS (2021-05-04). Biden steers toward confrontation with North Korea. wsws.org The Biden administration's policy is a repackaging of the thuggish "carrot and stick" strategy of his four predecessors—as time has gone on, the sticks have become larger and the carrots far smaller.

Staff (2021-05-04). Vienna talks making progress: Ulyanov. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) — "In real life the talks are making progress", Russia's Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna said, criticizing some reports and comments about the lack of progress in the nuclear talks.

Kamal Iranidoost (2021-05-04). Waiving nuclear-related sanctions in JCPOA nothing new. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) — Executive Director of US Arms Control Association, Daryl G. Kimball, believes that it is not something new at this point that the Biden administration is prepared to waive the nuclear-related sanctions identified in the JCPOA.

Staff (2021-05-04). Iran's nuclear deal is crucial for peace in Yemen. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) — The US Democrat Senator Chris Murphy has said during a visit to Jordan, that Iran nuclear deal with world powers is very important for peace in Yemen.

sputniknews (2021-05-04). Iran, US 'May Be Nearing' Nuclear Deal as Vienna Talks Continue Amid 'Flurry of Diplomatic Contacts'. sputniknews.com Last week, Iranian media outlets claimed Tehran and Washington had reached an agreement in principle on lifting the majority of US sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Dave DeCamp (2021-05-04). US Officials in Middle East to Tamp Down Concern Over Iran Deal. news.antiwar.com With the Biden administration engaged in talks that could revive the Iran nuclear deal, US allies in the Middle East that are against the agreement are concerned. Besides Israel, Arab allies like the UAE and Saudi Arabia are also opposed to a revival of the JCPOA. | To tamp down these concerns

_____ (2021-05-04). Nuclear Climate Change: Washington Heats Things Up. strategic-culture.org We have been moved yet another step closer to planetary destruction, Brian Cloughley writes. | On April 29 Tom Engelhardt, a respected commentator on world affairs, published a

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