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2021-07-23: News Headlines

Jeffrey Kaye (2021-07-23). The Schnacke Affidavit: U.S. Admission of Offensive Germ Warfare Capability During the Korean War. counterpunch.org True crime devotees are familiar with the concept of the "cold case," which Oxford Languages defines as "an unsolved criminal investigation which remains open pending the discovery of new evidence." Allegations from China and North Korea that the U.S. used biological weaponry (BW) during the Korean War is an example of just such a cold

Gregory Elich (2021-07-23). Penetrating curtains of deceit: I.F. Stone's 'The Hidden History of the Korean War'. mronline.org When the American journalist, I.F. Stone, published The Hidden History of the Korean War at the height of the military conflict in 1952, its message did not find a warm welcome at home.

_____ (2021-07-22). Billionaire Space Race: The Ultimate Symbol of Flawed Capitalism. commondreams.org The administration is being called on to "make bold decisions to lead us towards a future where nuclear weapons no longer threaten all humanity."

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