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2021-08-19: News Headlines

Hans Stehling (2021-08-19). A Mideast Nuclear War Spearheaded by Israel Would Make Afghanistan Seem Like a Local Conflict Between Armed Factional Groups. globalresearch.ca

John Laforge (2021-08-19). UK Navy's Public Brawl over Responsibility for Nuclear Mass Destruction. counterpunch.org In a rare, public dispute between British Naval officers over legal responsibility for attacks using nuclear weapons, two retired British submarine commanders have openly attacked each other's views in writing. The online confrontation opens a window to the tortured thinking inside the perpetual, high-level, planning and reparation for such attacks among nuclear armed states. The

WSWS (2021-08-18). COVID-19 pandemic worsens in South Korea. wsws.org The Moon administration is downplaying the danger as much as possible, continuing the drive for profits at the expense of lives.

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