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2021-09-02: News Headlines

John Goss (2021-09-02). North / South Korea COVID Divide. globalresearch.ca

The Grayzone (2021-09-02). North Korean Defectors and Other Frauds Recruited by the US Regime. dissidentvoice.org If people want to know what the circumstances of life are like somewhere, likeliest the best way is to actually go there and see for oneself. Otherwise one relies on other sources of information. On Foreign Agents, Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton expose the biggest frauds recruited as defectors and dissidents to lie about Official …

WSWS (2021-09-02). North Korea restarts its nuclear facilities. wsws.org While it has called for talks with Pyongyang, the Biden administration has maintained the crippling sanctions imposed on North Korea under Obama and Trump.

Project Censored (2021-09-02). Dave Lindorff and Dan O'Connell. projectcensored.org In the first segment, journalist Dave Lindorff shares the little-known story of Ted Hall (1925-1999), a teenage science prodigy who worked on the WWII Manhattan Project, then shared his atomic secrets with the USSR, to ensure that the US wouldn't be the world's only possessor of nuclear weapons. Lindorff is producer on an upcoming documentary film that addresses this fascinating untold history. Then Dan O'Connell and Scott Peters speak about their new book, In the Struggle, a collection of writings by scholars who helped fight for the betterment of California farmworkers and farming communities. | Notes: | Dave L…

Kester Kenn Klomegah (2021-09-01). Russia-Egypt Relations: Nuclear Energy Plant Construction. globalresearch.ca

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