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2021-09-10: News Headlines

Mark Muhich (2021-09-10). Biden Nuclear Posture Review Must Examine Ballistic Missile Defense. counterpunch.org The Biden Administration begins its Nuclear Posture Review amidst growing threats of nuclear weapons conflict, described by many experts as more dangerous than the Cold War. The U.S. Department of Energy current budget for nuclear weapons is already double it Cold War budget. The NPR will lay out the course for future expansion of the

Staff (2021-09-09). Mounted police & 'reconnaissance' K-9s but no missiles: North Korea holds paramilitary parade to mark its 73rd anniversary. rt.com North Korea held a massive parade to celebrate 73 years since the state's foundation, with soldiers and civilians alike seen marching in an elaborate procession, which omitted Pyongyang's typical displays of major weapon systems. | Held in Kim Il Sung Square in the nation's capital on Wednesday night, the event saw police, soldiers and even hazmat-suit-clad civil workers marching in neat columns, according to photos circulated by state media. | | © Reuters / KCNA | Many types of vehicles featured in the parade, including agricultural tractors, as well as animals, such as the horses and dogs described by…