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2021-09-11: News Headlines

Anonymous103 (2021-09-11). Number Of Russian "Black Hole" Submarines Deployed In Mediterranean Sea Reached New Record. southfront.org Illustrative Image | The number of non-nuclear submarines of the Russia has deployed five submarines in the Mediterranean Sea, known as "black holes" and serving as carriers of Kalibr cruise missiles."Currently, there are five Kalibr-PL cruise mis…

Mark Muhich (2021-09-10). Biden Nuclear Posture Review Must Examine Ballistic Missile Defense. counterpunch.org The Biden Administration begins its Nuclear Posture Review amidst growing threats of nuclear weapons conflict, described by many experts as more dangerous than the Cold War. The U.S. Department of Energy current budget for nuclear weapons is already double it Cold War budget. The NPR will lay out the course for future expansion of the