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2021-10-15: News Headlines

Jeffrey St. Clair (2021-10-15). Roaming Charges: Supply Chain of Fools. counterpunch.org As Biden vows to keep the ports of LA and Long Beach running 24/7, likely gutting labor rules to in the process in effort to speed the import of cheap goods from China and South Korea, it's hard not to reach the conclusion that the most pressing supply chain issue is housing, where there's not a single state in the US where an employee who works a 40-hour can afford a 2-bedroom rental at the current minimum wage of $7.25 hour.

WSWS (2021-10-15). Why has Squid Game resonated with a global audience? wsws.org Squid Game, a Korean survival drama series written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, has become an international phenomenon, with 111 million viewers worldwide.

UFCLP (2021-10-15). Wednesday 10/20: Support October 20 South Korean General Strike For Equality & Free KCTU President Yang Ky. indybay.org South Korean Consulate | 3500 Clay St., San Francisco…

Bevan Ramsden (2021-10-15). Peace activists say 'No' to nuclear-powered submarines. greenleft.org.au Activists challenge the federal government's embrace of nuclear-submarine technology and the new AUKUS agreement. Bevan Ramsden reports.

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2021-10-14). Climate Change versus the Dangers of Nuclear War. "Three Minutes to Midnight" globalresearch.ca While a World War III scenario implying the preemptive use of nuclear weapons has been on the drawing board of the Pentagon for more than ten years, military planners are now involved in the formulation of concrete attack plans directed against Russia.

_____ (2021-10-14). French Finance Minister Issues Declaration Of Independence. popularresistance.org "Clear Differences Remain Between France and the U.S, French Minister Says," is the headline to a remarkable piece appearing in the New York Times. The Minister, Bruno Le Maire, is brutally frank on the nature of the differences as the quotations below Illustrate. (Emphases in the quotations are jvw's.) In fact, they amount to a Declaration of Independence of France and EU from the U.S. | It is not surprising that the differences relate to China after the brouhaha over the sale of U.S. nuclear submarines to Australia and the surprising (to the French) cancellation of contracts with France for submarines. Mr. LeMa…

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