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2021-12-12: News Headlines

Staff (2021-12-12). E3 throws wrench into Vienna talks. en.mehrnews.com With the Vienna talks running up against technical roadblocks, the E3 has resorted to a series of bullying measures ranging from pressuring other parties to brandishing referral of Iran's nuclear binder to intl. institutions.

Kerry Smith (2021-12-12). Protesters say 'No' to AUKUS, nuclear submarines and war with China. greenleft.org.au A national weekend of action against AUKUS was organised over December 10-12, with protests in Canberra, Perth, Sydney, Wollongong, Hobart, Brisbane and Adelaide. Kerry Smith reports.

Kamal Iranidoost (2021-12-12). EU demands slowing down pace of Vienna talks: source. en.mehrnews.com A source close to the Iranian delegation to the Vienna talks said the Europeans were trying to impose demands beyond the nuclear deal's terms.

Seth Galinsky (2021-12-11). End US sanctions on North Korea! US troops out of Korean Peninsula! themilitant.com Washington is committed to "utilizing the full range of U.S. defense capabilities, including nuclear" to "deter" North Korea, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated after his Dec. 2 meeting in Seoul with South Korean military officials to discuss "updating" military options against North Korea. | Washington — the only government to ever use nuclear weapons — paints the Democratic People's Republic of Korea as a threat to world peace. But the U.S. rulers themselves keep some 28,500 troops in South Korea and carry out provocative joint war games with the South Korean military. They frequently send nuclea…

John Feffer (2021-12-11). South Korea's Green New Deal: Myths versus Realities. zcomm.org There's one place in the world where the Green New Deal is a policy reality. But is it living up to its hype?>

WSWS (2021-12-11). Schools emerge as new hotbed for COVID-19 infection in South Korea. wsws.org The lifting of all serious social distancing measures has led to an explosion of new COVID-19 cases, which is now beginning to overwhelm the medical system.

Eve Ottenberg (2021-12-11). Western Militaries on the Doorsteps of Russia and China. zcomm.org Wild-eyed speculation about the Kremlin's intentions has so far run aground on Russia's apparent reluctance to engage in a shooting war that could spiral into a full-on nuclear holocaust…

Rick Rozoff (2021-12-11). Tiny Finland to buy 64 F-35s for $11 billion. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com As alluded to here five days ago. There is only one reason Finland, with a population of only 5.5. million, would move to acquire 64 fifth-generation multirole combat aircraft now equipped to carry — and drop — U.S./NATO tactical nuclear bombs. ==== Finland picks the F-35 as its next fighter, continuing the U.S. warplane's inroads …

Ariel Gold (2021-12-11). Israel's Hard-Line Position Is Sabotaging US-Iran Negotiations. truthout.org After a five-month hiatus, indirect negotiations between the United States and Iran resumed last week in Vienna in an attempt to revise the 2015 Iran nuclear deal (formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA). The outlook isn't good. | Less than a week into negotiations, Britain, France, and Germany

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