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2022-01-10: News Headlines

sputniknews (2022-01-10). Bennett Warns Israel Won't Be Bound by Any Iran Nuclear Deal, Will 'Reserve Freedom of Action'. sputniknews.com Tehran, other signatories of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Iran nuclear deal, and the United States have been negotiating on bringing the agreement back online. Israel has repeatedly threatened to carry out strikes against the Islamic Republic targeting its nuclear programme, either unilaterally or in coordination with Washington.

Staff (2022-01-09). US officials tell media iPhone ban possible for Russia. rt.com Washington could cut off export of smartphones, TVs, and avionics to Moscow | America is preparing to inflict "severe and overwhelming" costs on Moscow should it attack Ukraine, White House officials have indicated to selected media outlets this week, ahead of landmark US-Russia talks. | The sanctions could reportedly be as tough as those against Iran, Cuba, and North Korea, and would focus on the financial, technology, and military sectors. Last month, news agency Reuters

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