KPFA: The Herbal Highway [Program Feed]

  • Loving Connections – February 14, 2019
    Join guest host Madalyn Berg [1] as she speaks about love. She explores ways our patterns, histories, and culture can create obstacles to connection and the plants that can support us practicing different ways of loving. [1]
  • Wildcrafting; an Indigenous Perspective – February 7, 2019
    Listen in while Karyn Sanders [1] shares her perspective on wildcrafting, the practice of harvesting plants from the wild. Previously aired 10.05.17. [1]
  • Diabetes; Interview with Christa Sinadinos – January 31, 2019
    Join Sarah Holmes and her guest, Christa Sinadinos [1], for a discussion on diabetes. Christa is an herbalist, teacher and author of The Essential Guide to Western Botanical Medicine which is being released this summer. [1]
  • Aging with Grace – January 24, 2019
    Join Sarah Holmes and aromatherapist and herbalist Mindy Green [1] for a discussion on aging and supporting this process naturally with plant medicine. Previously aired 4.21.16. [1]
  • Herbs and Addiction – January 17, 2019
    Join guest host Emiliano Lemus [1] interviewing New Orleans based herbalist, Jen Stovall [2] on herbal responses to the opioid epidemic and substance addictions. We discuss using plants to work with people experiencing addiction and community harm reduction efforts. [1] [2]
  • Interview with Panquetzani – January 10, 2019
    Join guest host, Renée Camila [1] in conversation with Panquetzani of Indigemama: Ancestral Healing [2]. Panquetzani honors the 4,000 year-old traditions of her foremothers. Today we discuss Mesoamerican medicine, Mexican folk healing, and basic womb health. [1] [2]
  • Respiratory Support – January 3, 2019
    Join Karyn Sanders for an exploration of herbs to support your respiratory system. She covers the specifics of which herb to use when and when it is time to switch to a different herb.
  • Winter Dreaming – December 27, 2018
    Listen in as Sarah Holmes explores the importance of slowing down and dreaming during these winter months. She also discusses plants that support us in this work. Previously aired 12.28.17.
  • Welcome to Winter! – December 20, 2018
    Join Sarah Holmes for a celebration and exploration of winter. She covers herbs to support our health and harmony in this season.
  • Fighting Infection Naturally – December 13, 2018
    Join Sarah Holmes and guest, Christopher Vasey, ND, [1] as they discuss the herbs that help us to stay well and fight infection. Fund drive hosted by Emiliano Lemus [2]. [1] [2]
  • Loving Fiercely in Times of Turmoil – December 6, 2018
    Join Sarah Holmes for an exploration of keeping our hearts strong  and our hope alive during these times; with plants as allies. Fund drive, co-hosted with Madalyn Berg [1]. [1]
  • Protecting Land, Water and Indigenous Rights – November 29, 2018
    Join Sarah Holmes and her guest, Sherri Mitchell, for a discussion of Indigenous land rights, protecting water and sacred sites. Sherri is the founding director of the Land Peace Foundation [1], co-host of Love (and Revolution) Radio and author of Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change. [1]
  • Working with Sacred Sites – November 22, 2018
    Join Karyn Sanders as she discusses working with sacred sites with Barbara James Snyder [1]. Previously aired 12.01.16. [1]
  • Respiratory and Immune Support
    Join Sarah Holmes for a discussion of immune and respiratory health; how the plants can support us during the cold and flu and fire season.
  • Interview with Jocelyn Boretta
    Join guest host Madalyn Berg [1] as she interviews guest Jocelyn Boretta [2], herbalist and community organizer, as they discuss Jocelyn's work developing the Recetas+Remedios workshop program and how it empowers healthy Latinx communities through culturally relevant, place-based, bilingual holistic health education and care. [1] [2]

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